WHO study finds that more than a billion people worldwide are obese

We know that there is no hiding the fact that obesity has become a major concern all around the world when it comes to health of our population and while there were doubts about malnutrition in the past few decades, obesity has now become the worst form of malnutrition in this day and age. It is worth noting that our mentality is also to blame for obesity where we believe that someone who is healthy or on the verge of being obese is nourished well as compared to someone who is slim and fit who we consider as undernourished. This is one of the reasons why people don’t take care of their body shape and think that being obese and having a rounded belly is better than having abs or a fit body.

Talking about obesity, it has now become a silent pandemic in the world as WHO has just released a study which estimates that more than 1 billion people in the world are now obese which means that they are above the overweight category as well. In general, people who have a BMI level of 25 or higher are considered obese and the BMI is calculated depending on your age, weight and height. It is reported that The findings, considered among the most authoritative of independent estimates, are based on data from more than 220 million people in more than 190 countries. Now, we can definitely say that this is a massive dataset which means that the data and its findings can’t be ignored or falsified.

In a press conference, Francesco Branca, head of nutrition at WHO, said that “In the past, we have been thinking of obesity as a problem of the rich. Obesity is a problem of the world,”. It is worth noting that the increase of double-burden that is malnourished as well as obese population has been greatest in some low- and middle-income countries, the paper said, including parts of the Caribbean and the Middle East. On the other hand, high income countries and continents such as Europe are seeing the obesity levels declining in their population and Spain is one example where obesity rates have stagnated.


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