Onera raises $32M for conducting sleep studies in patients’ homes by clinicians

Onera Health has successfully raised $32 million in a funding round aimed at transforming the way sleep studies are conducted. Yesterday, we reported about an app also working in the same direction, which means there is finally more awareness and development in making people sleep better. This infusion of capital marks a pivotal moment for the company, enabling it to expand its innovative home-based sleep monitoring solutions. Onera’s mission is to make sleep studies more accessible, comfortable, and efficient by allowing patients to undergo these studies in their homes, a convenience that could revolutionize sleep medicine.

Traditionally, sleep studies have required patients to spend the night in a sleep lab, hooked up to numerous wires and sensors. This experience can be both inconvenient and uncomfortable and potentially even alter natural sleep patterns. Onera’s technology seeks to address these challenges by offering a state-of-the-art, wearable sleep monitoring system that patients can use at home. This system is designed to be both user-friendly and highly accurate, capturing comprehensive data clinicians need to diagnose and treat sleep disorders effectively.

The $32 million funding round was led by a consortium of investors keen on backing health tech innovations that promise to enhance patient care while reducing costs and logistical burdens on healthcare systems. Onera’s home-based sleep monitoring solutions represent a significant advancement in this direction, potentially improving outcomes for millions of people suffering from sleep disorders around the globe.

With the new capital, Onera plans to accelerate its technology development, expand its operations, and pursue regulatory approvals to bring its products to market. The funding will also support the company’s efforts to collaborate with sleep clinics and researchers, further validating the effectiveness and reliability of its solutions.

The successful funding round is a testament to the healthcare industry’s recognition of the need for innovative solutions in sleep medicine. As Onera advances its mission, its home-based sleep monitoring technology is poised to set a new standard in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, profoundly impacting the well-being of patients worldwide.


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