QuantHealth’s AI-informed clinical drug trials coming to the US with a $15M round

QuantHealth describes itself as an “AI-powered platform for drug discovery claims to reduce potential risks, optimize clinical trials, and help identify how patients in a clinical trial would respond to treatment.” It is worth noting that the company is now bringing this technology to the US with its latest $15M round of funding led by private investors. Overall, the company has raised $20M from the market to date.

Co-founder and CEO of QuantHealth Orr Inbar says, “With over 30 years of collective experience in life science and drug development, it was clear to us that the decreasing success rates of clinical trials were becoming untenable for the industry,” and adds that “returns on investment have declined to historic lows”. QuantHealth says, “The resulting model can predict clinical trial outcomes with 86% accuracy on the binary endpoint metric. That means the company predicts success or failure for a trial’s primary endpoint (or any other endpoint) 86% of the time”. Inbar adds that “More than 90% of traditionally planned clinical trials fail to make it to market due to lack of efficacy and safety”. Explaining the need of such a technology, he adds that “Some drugs just shouldn’t go to trial. For many that should, the trials are poorly designed. This causes the trials to take longer, cost more, and fail more often.”

Also, talking about a recent case study, Inbar mentions that “QuantHealth helped a client design their phase 2 trial in acute respiratory distress syndrome. “By simulating thousands of protocol variations, we were able to make minor amendments to their protocol that had far-reaching consequences — increasing the target population by 4.5x, reducing study duration by 11 months, reducing the number of participants required by 251, all while improving the likelihood of success of the primary endpoint by 16.5%”. Talking about its $15M round of funding, Inbar mentions that “The new capital will enable the startup to support clinical development teams with its flagship trial design solution and expand its platform for preclinical and drug discovery functions, as well as expand its commercial team and operations.”


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