Lipitz Centre and OpenNotes combine for care partner engagement

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Lipitz Centre and OpenNotes combine to launch a coalition. It is for better care partner engagement. It is helpful for the patients and their care partners.

Roger C. Lipitz Centre is very famous. It is a part of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The center with OpenNotes launched a Coalition for Care partners. It will also look into Care partner engagement.

Care partners direct a patient’s medical journey. They study doctors’ prescriptions. Also, they file for the appointment. They help their patients.

Care partners deal with lots of patients. They may forget the clinical notes. They may lose the important information present there. However, this happens when Care partners care for other patients as well.

OpenNotes wants to cure this problem. However, the tool helped both the patients and the care partners. Patients were also able to report errors and follow orders. Care partners also lost less information.

A large survey of the patients found an interesting fact. 40% of the patients share their clinical notes with someone else. It can be family or friends. It also proved to be beneficial for the patients.

Many projects are going on. They are looking for better ways to deal with patients. The main aim is to better ‘care partner engagement’. This is a sure-shot way of improving the health of a patient.

OpenNotes launched in 2010. It has expanded exponentially ever since. Also, it led to a major shift in accessing clinical notes. It started as a small project. But the impact was way bigger than expected.

Dr. Tom Delbanco is a Professor at Harvard Medical School. However, he explained the process of care partner engagement in simple words. He also mentioned that it is simpler than you might think.

After the doctor has signed the notes of the patient, he/she will get a message. The message will convey that he/she can review the signed notes. The system will also remind the patient before a doctor’s medical appointment. It helps one to be up to date.


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