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Researchers have used electrical impedance tomography for MuscleRehab. It breaks down the muscle-motion language boundary. And this facilitates advance physical therapy.

Massachusetts General Hospital and MIT researchers were in collaboration. They together made a muscle and motion engagement monitoring system. This advance physical therapy helps in unsupervised physical rehabilitation. This can help with improved mobility and injuries for athletes and the elderly.

Disability conditions get advantages from physical rehabilitation. But, not all therapists can go around. MIT Computer Science and Artificial Laboratory and the MGH researchers have collaborated. They together made a wearable device based on a sensor. It is also a VR platform. This device will improve data-driven unsupervised rehabilitation for athletes. It is for patients having physical limiting ailments or physical therapy.

The system can calculate muscle engagement. Also, it visualizes a virtual muscle skeleton avatar. Also, it makes use of an imaging strategy called electrical impedance tomography. However, it measures muscle engagement with a tracking suit and a VR headset. It also allows the patients to see themselves doing alongside a physical practician.

Visualizing and monitoring muscle engagement during unsupervised physical rehabilitation is good. It improves post-rehabilitation evaluations and therapeutic injury. And also, this advance physical therapy may prevent re-injury as well.

By measuring the deep muscle engagement, it is possible to observe in case the data is abnormal. Advance physical therapy helps in offering insights into a crucial muscle trajectory. The system comes with a training regiment, having pre-recorded standards of baseline. It is for the streams and regimen.

The patients can wear the VR and the tracking suit for capturing 3D movement data. Then, they can do many exercises like knee bends, lunges, deadlifts, leg raises, etc.

At present, MuscleRehab is focusing on the major muscle groups and upper thighs. But it will also expand its advance physical therapy to the glutes. Scientists and researchers are using technology to lessen the burdens on hospitals. More technology is coming. And the foreseeable future of healthcare is bright.


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