Oova raises $10.3M for at-home fertility testing with a membership model

You must have noticed that there are studies carried out every year about how the fertility rates are dropping in men and women all around the world because of all the pollution and stress that is taking place in the world right now. This is the reason why startups such as Oova have been focusing on the fertility aspect of things for women. For this reason, Oova has raised $10.3M in order to provide at-home fertility testing kits and they have launched a membership model starting at $99. It is said that this membership “includes The Oova Kit and offers features, such as personalized support via the Oova Provider network of healthcare professionals and hormone experts and access to a community of people going through similar fertility journeys”.

Oova’s CEO Divaraniya says this is “the only product that allows its users to sync and share results with their doctor in real-time.” While she did not share the actual growth numbers of her company, she did mention that “We’ve also seen a massive increase in the adoption across both consumer and clinical channels,” and added that “Because of the adoption, it led to one of the most powerful datasets in the industry. This is a dream of information to work with. Not only do we have daily hormone measurements across tens of thousands of cycles, but we also have treatment data. We’ve been able to train our algorithms on actual hormone information across thousands of women, and then even look at intrapersonal data to understand the nuances between cycles for a single woman, leading to a very personalized experience for our users.”

She also mentioned that “We started off with fertility because it’s a place that I’m very passionate about, but what is also very clear is that all the different phases of a woman’s life are dictated by hormones. If you can understand the different patterns that happen in classic urban spaces, you can start adjusting those.” while mentioning that they are looking to expand their services to almost all other phases of a woman’s health and not just fertility, pregnancy, or postpartum.


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