VR training system launched by Novant Health

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Novant Health recently launched a new VR training system. It is the first-ever VR-based leadership training system. It helps with difficult situations and medical procedures.

The VR training system tends to leadership training by simulating a real environment. It is a voice-activated and immersive experience. VR-induced training also helps leaders tackle issues that are not talked about in societies. It primarily deals with taboo topics. The work of Dr. Alex Alonso inspires this system.

Novant Health said that the program for training is out now. However, it is the first-ever VR-based leadership training program. Many leaders from the clinical and non-clinical worlds participated in the program. A technology studio and cloud-based platform also help the VR training system.

North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia are prime serving locations for this system. Members of the health communities will immerse themselves in real-life situations. The VR training system will create them. It will also train them to handle bias and difficult situations.

The VR training system can help leaders better prepare themselves. The virtual training also helps them feel comfortable in difficult conversations. It is better than a teaching aid or computer test. The effect of learning by doing is far greater than by just sitting and listening.

Virtual Reality is a booming sector in healthcare. The number of advancements in this field has been exponential. The applications are also endless. Surgical training is also an important skill for doctors and surgeons alike. However, VR training can be beneficial for practicing surgery. The same goes for patient distraction as well.

Many hospitals integrated the training system. The results were excellent. The use of VR training for surgical procedures helped get better success rates. It also seems that the mental health domain was waiting for this type of system to come. The brain treats the virtual world in the same way as the real world. This has huge applications.

Virtual reality combined with fields like AI and ML is a goldmine. The potential applications are endless. There are opportunities in every field, especially healthcare. This VR training system has also completely changed the game.


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