Adoption of VR training at Mahidol University of Thailand

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Mahidol University in Thailand has started a VR program to train medical students. Indira IVF will use AI tools to find the best embryo. Genomics Thailand got two new genome sequencers.

Royal Mahidol University is a university in Thailand. They have collaborated with Jolly Good. Jolly Good is a Japanese VR company. The partnership aims to start a VR training program. The program will help medical students receive hands-on training. The students will also receive VR training in the area of infectious disease treatment.

Jolly Good to provide all the equipment necessary for the VR training program. Four departments can use this VR tool to their benefit. However, a live demonstration will also be very useful for the students and the medical staff. The demonstration will also help to verify the effectiveness of the VR program. Then, the authorities can expand the training program.

Thailand produces a sufficient number of doctors and medical staff in a year. But very few of them get quality training and experience after they graduate. This number is even lower for training graduates in infectious disease treatment. Jolly Good also came to this conclusion. The new partnership will help bridge this gap.

Indira IVF is one of the largest IVF clinic groups present in India. It has around 100 clinics all over India. The IVF group will also roll out a new AI technology. The name of the technology is Presagen’s AI technology. The technology will also help to identify ‘viable embryos’.

Life Whisperer is an AI tool. The tool looks at and analyzes the images of embryos. Then, it selects embryos that will lead to pregnancy based on probability. There is no additional cost for this AI-based technology. Couples choosing IVF can now get the best treatment and the best probability of bearing a child.

Genomics Thailand can sequence the genomes of 50,000 native Thai people. This comes after it got two sequencers from MGI Tech Co. However, this will allow Genomics Thailand to get new data on chronic diseases. The sequencing will also help researchers to find cancer treatments.


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