Biggest 5G smart hospital in Southeast Asia introduced in Thailand

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As part of the program, through an invention lab, experts will create 5G facilitated smart applications next year.

The Siriraj Hospital of Mahidol University has inaugurated its 5G smart hospital with assistance. It has launched the clinic with the Telecommunications Commission and Huawei Thailand, and the National Broadcasting. A press report says that the 5G smart clinic program is the “first and biggest” in the Southeast Asian region and Thailand.

Alongside the statement, Huawei revealed that they would launch together with the Siriraj Hospital. They will launch an invention lab to generate new 5G applications. They will promote and guide nearly 30 clinical apps facilitated by 5G tech nationwide the following year. Prayut Chan-o-cha, in his announcement, noted that the Siriraj World Class 5G Smart Hospital will enable minimal procedures.

The process includes efficacy of healthcare, enhancing the effectiveness, lowering overall risk, and hospital staff. From this pilot program, the Thai administration looks to broaden the smart clinic program to other clinics. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, Huawei and the Siriraj Hospital have enhanced their coalition around 5G.

Last year, they launched 5G self-driving autos for contactless clinical supply delivery. They approved a five-year memo of understanding which witnessed the sudden change of the clinic’s previous infrastructure. Also, the previous year, an invention lab at the Srisavarindira Building of the clinic started its operation as part of its infrastructure program.

In another announcement, Mahidol University is an institutional partner in the administration’s Thailand Health Data Space 5G project. They consider the project to facilitate all health shareholders to systematically assess health information.

The administration of 5G smart hospital creates the main part of the improvement of Thailand’s Big Data Health Information outlet. It includes a big information infrastructure, a national data system of clinic networks, and a system of health assistance applications. Meanwhile, Huawei also approved a memo of knowledge with the Department of Medical Services.


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