NHSO, NT, and Github to build blockchain networks in Thailand

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The public and private sectors come together in Thailand to bring evolution in healthcare. Thailand’s National Health will now feature blockchain technology.

The teaming up of the three will be responsible for building a blockchain network in Thailand. Thailand’s National Health Security Office, National Telecommunication Public Co. team up with Bitkub. They will develop a national health platform. It aims to integrate with the country’s health services.

The memorandum of association was also signed on Monday. The project will be jointly studied, tested, and developed on new digital technologies. It will facilitate data linkage. The aim is to digitize the delivery of healthcare services in Thailand.

The collaboration will bring greater results. It will take care of the national health insurance scheme. This will feature information, policies. It is with the regulation in relation to the development of platforms. NT is a state-owned telecommunications company. It will deliver telecommunication services and also IT systems. This also includes internet network services. It will also include 4g and 5G networks, cyber security, cloud computing, and data centers for the same.

Bitclub, at the same time, is a cryptocurrency firm. It will deal with developing digital health IDs. Also, it will bring onboard digital health IDs. It is the health platform on the blockchain. The technology will be responsible for verification and protection. It will safeguard personal details.

Anutin Charnvirakul, who is the deputy prime minister and minister of public health in Thailand, stated,” Thai government also intends to improve the quality of public health services in the country by using modern technology to connect and integrate health data efficiently and holistically. Doing so, he said, requires cooperation from the public and private sectors.”

Five organizations also joined forces last year. They came from the public and private sectors. They will cater to the requirement of 5G mobile technology in the country. The project holds the name “The Thailand Health Data Space”. Also, it was the first phase of development before blockchain technology came into the picture.

Even Huawei Thailand signed an MOU with the Department of Medical Services. It is for the 5G technology in Public hospitals. However, the one with National Cancer Institute and Rajavithi Hospital.


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