Australia’s department of health collabs with Datacom to feature IT outsourcing

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Australian health department is to expand its IT infrastructure in collaboration with New Zealand’s tech firm Datacom.

The Australian Department of Health is extending its IT outsourcing contract with New Zealand-headquartered tech firm Datacom. This is for three years. According to a media release, the extended contract will add several new capabilities. It will also focus on migrating the department’s workloads to the public cloud.

This will include the usage of AI and automation. Maintenance of existing IT outsourcing and support will remain ensured. Datacom said that its AIOps would use AI-driven insights to enhance the operational delivery of IT services. At the same time, 80% of the department’s cloud workloads will get automatically provisioned.

Aspects of application development and monitoring will get automated using a CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) approach. Teams involving personnel from both Datacom and DOH will employ Agile methodology and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework).

This will also get employed in new digital channels to drive employee experience. Moreover, Datacom stated that cybersecurity would remain a major pillar of its work.

Datacom shared that it made some significant investments in its capabilities. This enabled to have a profound impact on clients’ service delivery capability. Datacom Chief Innovation and Technology Officer Matthew Gooden stated

“Its increasing use of AI and automation will help hasten the migration of the over 1,000 production workloads of the department to the public cloud, as well as streamline the release of new applications and deliver improved functionality for the department’s employees.”

The company is confident that it to deliver significant cost savings for the government agency. In addition, further efficiencies will get achieved by automating the configuration of workloads on cloud platforms.

Data Associate Director for Customers Nick Brennan stated that we had a lot of dialogues with the [DOH]. The talk was about how we could drive IT outsourcing improvements by lowering costs. Datacom also understands agile ways of working and how to build a scalable system that allows [DOH] to expand. This is to meet the emerging needs of digital services.


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