Austria to introduce EIT Health Regional Innovation center

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Boehringer, AIT, and more join troops to install a new network for digital health startup and design promotion.

The six collaborators of EIT Health met in Vienna earlier this month. Ahead of the prearranged introduction of Austria’s latest EIT Health Regional Innovation Center. They talked about how the center is going to perform across Austria. And how the center is going to join the European system of EIT Health.

From January 2022, the new center’s location is in Vienna, jointly with other network members. It also tries to drive forward creative telehealth solutions and products. It also supports small and medium-sized businesses and startups. The Austrian Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Economy funded the EIT Health Regional Innovation Hub. With the new Austrian center, EIT Health also aims to capitalize on the chances of the province. It also tries to enhance its multidisciplinary system.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology is an unrelated EU Body. It strives to innovate European divisions by supporting and promoting entrepreneurial spirit and ideas around technology. In February this year, EIT Health also financed two startups from Spain and Germany with €1.5 million. It funded them for two years as part of the Wild Card invention program.

EIT Health introduced the Catapult Competition in December 2020. It financed 9 winning startups from the medtech, biotech, and digital health sectors. It funded them with an amount of €1 million. Dirk Holste noted that they are happy to be in their latest premises today doing the first official collaborator conference for the EIT Health Regional Innovation Hub.

He also noted that the recently built EIT Health Austria would incorporate nicely into the vibrant network. They look forward to dealing with the health challenges confronting Europe through collaborative and synergistic working. Jan-Philipp Beck is the CEO of EIT Health. He also stated that they look forward to productive collaborations that can enhance the existence of citizens and patients.


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