Health network has the lowest surgery admission rate

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The implementation of digital pathways has taken the health network to new heights. We can see this when the admission time for patients came down to 12 minutes from 1 hour.

BHFL Health Network has taken a leave from the paper-based process of admission. The health network has taken a digital approach. This ensures that surgery patients have a hassle-free admission process. This new approach helps both the health network and the patients. There is a simple process established for communication, risk assessment, and surgery preparation. The health network has many health services in various places across South Australia.

The health network has recently started to use Personify Care’s digital pathways. The pathways have customization for every single network. They have also adjusted themselves as per their regional setting. The pathways are also dependent on the needs of the system. The pathways help simplify the communication process with patients. All the procedures related to surgery are now streamlined for patients’ comfort.

The new process is beneficial for the care teams. They get all the information very quickly and with proper structure. Also, they can easily note down the patient’s concerns and the difficulties they are having. They can detect any type of risks they feel can surface. The cultural and community needs are also met. The response of the patients is very positive for the digital pathway.

Personify Care pathways have taken the surgical journey of a patient to a whole new level. Earlier it was full of uncertainty and anxiety. There was no clear procedure for what was going to happen. Now, the pathway has made everything very clear. The effectiveness and efficiency of the care provided to patients have also increased tremendously. Patients have got the most benefits because of this health network.

The total admission time for patients was around 1 hour. After the implementation of digital pathways, it came down to 12 minutes. This number is for every patient coming in for admission. This includes all the payment and paperwork that goes in before admission. This shows the massive potential of the new digital pathway.


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