Neko Health aims to keep people healthy through prevention and early detection

We know that there are various methods through which healthcare systems work worldwide, and the major ones are prevention and early detection.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, which also stands true for health because taking reactive measures is not the way to go when you can take preventive measures.

Now, a new healthcare startup named Neko Health is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Also, it is worth noting that Spotify CEO Daniel Ek started Neko Health, and it is known to be his first foray into the healthcare industry.

Talking about Neko Health, it is launched after four years of extensive research. The startup aims to create a healthcare system that can make people healthy by taking preventive measures and with the help of early detection through no invasive techniques.

Neko’s co-founder Hjalmar said, “In Sweden, healthcare costs have increased 50% faster than GDP since 2000, and the increase has been even faster in 28 of 32 EU countries. This has resulted in an unreasonable burden on medical staff to do more every year, and fewer resources than ever for prevention and public health”

Right now, the action taken by the healthcare industry is reactive, which is to cure the patients after something happens to them. Rather than that, Neko aims to take preventive measures so that the patients don’t fall sick in the first place.

Neko Health is a product-based startup, and they already have a product named Neko Body Scan which offers extensive health examinations for people with skin and heart conditions.

Neko Body Scan also allows the company to collect non-invasive health data on a broader scale. “The scan is non-invasive, takes just a few minutes to perform, and is followed immediately by an in-person doctor’s consultation to discuss the results,” the company adds. They also say that everything takes place in a single visit, so the patient doesn’t have to wait weeks for their results.


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