NIH is returning genetic health to All of Us participants

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NIH is now returning the DNA-related personalized health results to the 1 million volunteers of All of Us participants.

The aim is to collect useful traits and information on genetic health as well as raise awareness of the same in individuals.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) will give the genetic health reports back to all the All of Us participants. They will inform them about certain risks to their bodies and how they should proceed with the medications.

Color Health is collaborating with NIH to provide free-of-cost DNA tests to those who receive pathogenic variations in results. The organization is opting for Precision medicine for better medical results.

Precision medicine is a medical term for a model of individual care. The authorities also give individual care and attention and carefully examine their response to biological risk factors, medication, and treatments.

The participants of All of Us who consented to give their blood, NIH invited them to share the reports individually as the first step, says NIT. The participants can choose the parts of the genetic health report they want and can receive them several weeks later.

The healthcare reachers anticipate 2 to 3% of participants getting results of pathogenic or likely pathogenic variants in the Hereditary Risk report. NIH predicts the result in new findings with 59 genes and variants associated with many harmful diseases, including heart conditions, cancers, blood disorders, and more.

Color Health will assist with after-report consultation with the participants and their family members with further medication and treatments for free.

The participants can also request Your DNA report, which gives information about the seven genes and how they affect the individual’s body against certain medicines.

For those whose reports suggest extreme medical conditions, the program will also provide clinical assistance and the program’s genetic consultants free of cost.

NIH wants to share the information in an accessible, responsible, and impactful way to raise general awareness in individuals regarding their genetic health.


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