Virtual reality and metaverse gets a space in healthcare

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Metaverse is one of the next horizons in the health technology vision 2022 report. Accenture Digital is continuously working to equip healthcare with better technology.

Many healthcare executives are predicting that virtual reality will show a positive effect. The report from Accenture proves its impacts in the healthcare world. The report from Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision 2022 calls Metaverse “the next horizon”. The terms based on surgery can get studied without a physical presence in the operating room.

One of the virtual reality applications is secure authentication. Kaveh Safavi is the senior managing director of Accenture Health. He said that the biggest achievement is working out the spaces between real and virtual worlds. He also stated that it is beneficial as it helps to bring together enlarged digital information. It also provides the learning medical students with large data easily.

Safavi stated that he got astonished. This was so because many executives of healthcare believe in advancements in technology.

They believe that advancing technologies help bring up strategies for the long term. He raised the concern of security breaches. Also, he mentioned that 64% of the technology surveyed were disinformation attacks.

He said, “As the healthcare industry scales up programmable world projects, it will introduce many more connected, intelligent devices, creating new entry points connecting our physical and digital worlds, But there are significant challenges to connecting these technologies safely and at scale – data interoperability and cybersecurity.” In addition, data privacy poses a significant risk to the real world.

Thus, healthcare organizations require a better channel and policy for enhanced governance. In addition, many technologies like reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are making enhancements to human experiences.

Most experts believe that metaverse will bring significant changes in the healthcare world. Digital twins may become one of the important functions.

Cathy Hackl is the chief metaverse officer of Futures Intelligence Group. Hackl said that bio digital twin is under work for many experiments. For example, CVS Health aims to transform some health services with virtual reality.


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