Strive Health wants to provide end-to-end kidney care, raises $166M

You must have seen that kidney-related problems are growing in the world and a part of it is because of the high amount of alcohol consumption which has been proven to cause weaker functioning of kidneys over time. Now, we are not here to tell you about what you should drink or not but we are just going to tell you about Strive Health that wants to provide end-to-end kidney care for people. Also, the main thing about Strive Health is that it wants to make kidney care affordable as well.

Strive Health CEO says that “healthcare used to be mainly fee-for-service where the incentive was if you did more work, more reimbursement would come.” and added that “While that is necessary, important and valuable, it doesn’t take into account fee-for-value, which is if you do a lot of good work, you should create a bunch of value and have very high-quality outcomes. My definition of ‘value-based care’ is making sure the organizations that are responsible for caring for patients are really focused on the outcomes and the quality that they drive. Over time, that will create more value in the system than just seeing a patient many, many, many times.”

Strive Health’s USP is that it gives a patient the help they need “via technology-enabled care interventions and seamless integration with local providers to form an integrated care delivery system that follows a patient from chronic kidney disease to end-stage kidney disease”. Basically, Strive Health “takes in patient data and puts it through machine learning programs to identify what stage of kidney disease a patient might be and then be able to predict the probability of the disease’s progression”.

Strive Health’s CEO, while giving out the numbers, says that “out of 37 million Americans that have kidney disease, only 10% are diagnosed and over $400 billion a year is spent on kidney care”. He added that “So our employees are called ‘Strivers,’ and our caregivers are called ‘Kidney Heroes,’ and this funding will allow us to keep bringing on new Strivers and Kidney Heroes. There are no big acquisition plans. However, we have a strong pipeline and will continue to scale the business and execute that pipeline.”


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