India is all set for tele-mental health service

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At present, India is ready with 5 regional coordination centers. It includes 51 union or state territory-level cells. In short, the nation is ready to facilitate tele-mental health services.

The Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of India has launched its tele-mental health program. It came into existence this week in India.

Tele-MANAS is going to offer round-the-clock teleconsultation service for free. It is also going to serve mental health concerns. The National Health Systems Resource Centre and the IIT-Bengaluru are supporting the program.

However, the government of India understands the current mental health problems. It has also come into existence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Right from the pandemic’s beginning, about 40% of Indians are experiencing mental health problems.

The union government targets to open at least 1 Tele-MANAS cell in every state in the country. At present, it has set up 5 regional coordination centers. Also, it has set up 51 union territory or state-level Tele-MANAS cells.

In the initial stage, the government will offer counseling and basic support. It is going to perform this through an Interactive Voice Response system. The system is under customization for utility over union territories and states. Tele-mental health

Tele-MANAS will connect with other services like Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission and e-Sanjeevani. Also, it will connect with emergency psychiatric facilities and mental health experts. However, this will facilitate Tele-mental health services at a great scale.

The Indian government acknowledges the immediate need to establish a mental health network. It also addresses health problems the pandemic has offered.

The program is going to transform access to mental healthcare. It is going to offer care using counseling standards and evidence-based tools. Also, it improves access to standardized and quality mental health services. It will help to connect with multiple mental health care services.

Several countries are putting their best efforts into coming up with something new. Technology is evolving. And it is impacting the medical sector as well. People are putting several endeavors to bring out the best in the mental health field.


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