Technology can change public health behaviour

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HIMS22 featured a detailed discussion on how innovative technology can affect health behaviour. Innovation can encourage people to introduce behavioural changes.

HIMSS22 Europe stated that we require technology to create changes in the health behaviour of people. The Founding CEO of Healthskouts is Koen Kas. He mentioned a platform based on citizen-centric data.

This platform is We Are. This is going to get launched in Belgium. It aims to provide control to the patients over health data. Kas also stated, “If we want the population to be healthy, we have to accept that health behaviour is a super holistic thing; health is composed of several things: my genome, my environment, my lifestyle, and the social determinants of health. So, for example, the two most determining factors that will decide how old you will get are the age of your parents when they die and your postcode.”

He talked about Christian Erikson, who is a footballer. Unfortunately, Erikson got a heart attack at European Championships in 2020. Kas also stated that it was insane that something like that happened even though we could prevent it using our technology.

Healthcare professionals can ensure the effectiveness of innovation. They can do this by making changes in their behaviour.

Prof Agnès Buzyn at WHO Academy, “To access health tools, we need to train health professionals. In addition, the academy wishes to make changes in global health using innovations.”

France also launched a data hub based on health. It uses hospitals and the insurance system for data. This can get utilised in health behaviour. It can also help to launch eHealth. So it can also be better for public health.

She also stated it is important to understand things from a user perspective. It is important to get feedback from patients. Mayor of Helsinki Juhana Vartiainen states that we can introduce changes in people’s behaviour. Helsinki is one of the parts of the WHO Healthy Cities Network. However, it works to promote strategies that can ensure healthcare.


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