5G/AI guided colonoscopy and others from Bharti Airtel

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Apollo Hospitals, Bharti Airtel conducted a 5G/AI-guided 1st colonoscopy trial in India. It used Artificial Intelligence on the 5G technology of airtel. It resulted in accurate and faster colon cancer detection.

The trial has also used the edge inferencing app of Avesha on the Amazon Web Services platform. The purpose was to process real-time data to enable faster analysis delivery. It will give a more uniform result of the colonoscopy test.

Apollo Hospitals is putting its best efforts into improving the colonoscopy process with new tools and AI.

The Health Minister of Singapore has joined the pop health study. The project SG100K will also identify the genetic, lifestyle, environmental, and social factors. In short, these are the factors related to the prevalent diseases in Singapore. However, the diseases include hypertension, cancer, and diabetes.

Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine is leading the SG100K project. It is also taking place at Nanyang Technological University. At Singapore. Also, Singapore’s Precision Health Research and Illumina are in partnership for this.

South Korea awards the 1st medical device clearances. The Ministries of Health and Welfare and Food and Drug Safety in South Korea are into it. It also cleared the first 3 medical devices whose regulatory apps expedited under a clearance system.

2 of the devices are digital therapeutics. It will treat insomnia. And the other is an AI cerebral infraction diagnostic software.

The Ministries at October’s end designated ML/AI-based devices and digital wearable techs. These techs are also not qualified for an expedited clearance process.

Neurologica, Samsung Electronics subsidiary, started to expand its mobile stroke. It used diagnostic CT imaging potentials in the Asia-Pacific areas. The first installation took place in Thailand.

The SmartMSU having OmniTom Elite is there at the Sriraj Stroke Center in Bangkok. As per the press statement, the next-gen mobile stroke unit will assist in early stroke detection. It will also allow paramedics to assess if a patient is having a stroke resulting from a blood clot.

A lot of things are going on in the world at present. AI and ML are coming together to result in something extraordinary. Healthcare will improve very soon with the utilization of new technology and tools.


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