In this segment of Healthtech icons, Kamal Anand, Chief Product Officer of TeleVox, is discussing the benefits of their innovative technology and how it stands out among other patient engagement solutions. Learn about the challenges faced by health systems and how TeleVox’s conversational AI is improving patient experience. Don’t miss out on Kamal’s valuable insights into the future of healthcare technology and how TeleVox is leading the way.

About Kamal Anand

Kamal Anand is the Chief Product Officer for TeleVox and is responsible for the product portfolio and driving innovation. He is passionate about bringing impactful enterprise technology to market. He joined TeleVox from the acquisition of Asparia, where he was CEO and co-founder. He has previously been co-founder or early executive of six technology startups, five of which were acquired and one IPO and has served as an advisor to F500 companies as a consultant with McKinsey &Co. He has deep experience in bringing new products to market, developing new market entry and growth strategies, building high performing teams, and scaling the business.

About Televox TeleVox is a leading provider of omnichannel digital patient engagement technology. Our solutions are used by more than 10,000 healthcare organizations—from hospitals and health systems to community health centers—to engage, educate, and empower patients throughout their care journey. Our patient engagement platform integrates with the electronic health record (EHR) to support automated, personalized, two-way interactions with patients. And our pharmaceutical team partners with life science companies to develop strategic disease state awareness, education, and vaccination reminders by reaching more patients through customized communication. All of these exchanges are possible via text, virtual assistant, interactive voice response (IVR), email, and postcards. For 30 years, TeleVox has helped preserve care continuity, reduce the operational burden on staff, and drive revenue while making the healthcare communication process easier for everyone.

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