HIMSS22 educating session explains the neural networks

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Deep learning is an algorithm developed by our biological system. The key components go way beyond technology. There is a need to include components that align with the training data and the business question.

Delineating mysteries across neural networks in healthcare. Deep learning or neural networks is a magic tool that’s transforming people’s lifestyles. Language translations to medical diagnosis to speech recognition to self-driving cars.

Deep learning is at the roots of the technology revolution. In the HIMSS22 session, “Demystifying Deep Learning and Neural Networks.”

Meighu simplified the entire concept. He is the director at CGI, an IT and business consulting firm. Also, he is a life science specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

He holds a doctorate from Alliance Manchester Business School in the U.K. Healthcare IT News also sat down with him to get a technical look at his HIMSS22 Global Conference. Meighu explains neural networks are not magical tools.

He adds that the human brain does not must to understand the subject of learning. It works by pattern recognition, trial and error, and experience.

The brain works to handle hurdles and phenomenons through pattern recognition. For example, he knows that he don’t know the rule or logic behind English. But he is a good writer. This is because he learned the patterns of what he read before. He also states that his brain doesn’t work out language logic step by step. Rather his brain works by following the patterns.

When something’s not right, he gets that “Ah, that doesn’t sound right” feeling. This is possible because of neural networks. It’s the capacity of our brains to fire neuron sequences to recognize patterns. This works in accord with input from all our senses.

In the computer world, the pillars are neural networks and labeled data. The uses are endless. However, it ranges from OCR software to cameras on smartphones recognizing foreign language texts.

There is no saturation to applications and creativity in this field. There are many key factors in deep learning. In fact, the actual mural network is the simplest one. It is also simpler because most algorithms are already available.


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