New York State Office employs AI robots for aging older adults

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The New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) got built to fight the battle against social isolation and aging.

The NYSOFA is delivering voice-operated AI robots to the homes of more than 800 older adults. NYSOFA is working with local offices for the aging and partners to identify older adults. As a result, older adults would get the maximum benefit from the technology. This technology got named ElliQ by Intuition Robotics. This got described by the company as a proactive and empathetic care companion.

ElliQ got designed to foster independence via AI robots. It also looks forward to providing support for older adults through daily check-ins. Other assistance about wellness goals and physical activities, connection to family and friends. And other functions, using voice commands or on-screen instructions.

The technology got launched commercially after years of pilots and early production deployments. Users have an average of 20 daily interactions. ElliQ made specifically for older adults to support independence at home.

ElliQ proactively suggests activities and initiates conversations. Even though other technologies are reactive to commands. It also provides building context through artificial intelligence. This is to inform follow-up conversations that create a sense of relationship with the AI robots.

ElliQ even offers sleep relaxation exercises and physical activity exercises. It also provides in-depth nutrition-related conversations and medication reminders. This is for each user’s unique conditions.

The U.S. Surgeon General declared that social isolation is a global epidemic. Also, this was the one that got worsened during the COVID-19 health emergency. Social isolation drives $6.7 billion in additional associated Medicare spending per year. This is in accord with the AARP Public Policy Institute.

New York State Office for the Aging Director Greg Olsen stated, “This product does so many things to improve health, combat isolation, and improve overall wellbeing and independence. Designed with input from older adults, the future of supporting and serving older adults includes technology. The future is here.”


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