NUHS acquires AI platform based on NVIDIA’s universal system

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NUHS has improved patient dealings with chatbots. It also enhanced the speed and accuracy of picture processing in radiology.

The National University Health System of Singapore has created its AI platform production outlet. It is based on the universal network for the AI infrastructure of NVIDIA. As per a press statement, the NVIDIA DGX A100 operates at the core of the clinic group’s Endeavour AI platform.

It operates to facilitate risk of falls, progression of diseases, real-time predictions, and others. It is operating with five petaFLOPS of AI performance. That makes it possible to process several AI workloads in one outlet.

They will also integrate the system into the NUHS’ Discovery AI training outlet to create an inference system and complete training. Dr. Ngiam Kee Yuan is the group chief technology official at NUHS. He noted that they required NVIDIA GPUs for large volume and high-speed inference processing. They will soon finish processing speed if they depend just on CPUs.

NVIDIA helping the Endeavour AI has directed a modification in patients dealing with AI-powered chatbots. Particularly in appointment making, it improved the speed and accuracy of scans processing, X-rays, and images for radiologists. It also automated projections with no need to press a button.

Dr. Ngiam works as the general advisor to the NUHS Centre for Innovation in Healthcare. He had a meeting with Healthcare IT News. Also, he stated in the meeting that in the following years, they wished to scale and deploy AI platforms. He was talking about the tools that are presently under analysis in medical practice. After introducing Discovery AI earlier, the NUHS launched its Endeavour AI outlet.

Lately, the NUHS hired four applications. They were from a California-based business data corporation. However, NUHS hired them to assist in the incorporation of real-time clinical data from EMR networks. Dr. Ngiam had a conference at the HIMSS21 APAC Conference. He also instructed on a keynote round that all data required to come together.


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