In this segment of Healthtech icons, Charles Rinker, President & CEO at PRSONAS, discusses about the company’s goals, origins, and unique approach. He also discusses the applications of digital humans in healthcare and how PRSONAS tackles challenges like the “uncanny valley” effect. Charles talks about the benefits of AI in freeing up healthcare staff and promoting equity in healthcare.


PRSONAS is an artificially intelligent avatar that humanizes communication between people and technology, particularly in the healthcare sector. It improves the patient experience, enhances diversity, and reduces staff time and labor. The iHealthAssist AI Avatar product line focuses on clinical trials and hospital navigation needs. iHealthAssist brings trust, empathy, and approachability to the digital health space by overcoming communication barriers with the patient population, including the deaf community, spoken language differences, and underserved communities. Unlike other digital humans, PRSONAS focuses on human communication, not human replication, by creating animated characters that are more approachable and trustworthy. It is a productivity tool that automates 20 to 30% of any human position, taking mundane, repetitive tasks off humans, improving productivity, and allowing them to focus on what humans do best, create and innovate.

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