Toddlers and infants to get an AI-driven skin monitoring system

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Johnson and Johnson to partner with SciBase for an AI-driven skin monitoring system. They will help in detecting skin ailments in infants.

Nevisense Go is a portable and no-invasive tool used by clinicians. The tool uses electrical impedance spectroscopy measurements. This is for the skin barrier assessment. Clinicians and medical professionals will study this clinical practice at hospitals in Switzerland. They are lso advancing the science of AI-driven skin monitoring systems.

SciBase is a developer of the AI technology used in the AI-based skin monitoring system. It also says that 20 percent of children develop some kind of atopic dermatitis. SciBase says that the ability to predict these conditions early on is beneficial. However, it helps scale down the effects of disease on the normal life of the patients.

The company is of Swedish origin. The firm is an expert in developing intelligence-based systems for skin disorders. They will also partner with Johnson and Johnson with a concrete 2-year contract in hand. The study is about how we can predict the disease of the skin in infants.

The skin barrier becomes dysfunctional in the case of allergic and autoimmune diseases. Various studies also show that there has been a steady increase in these types of conditions. Many doctors and clinicians also confirm this. They say that this is a problem mostly with children. They also say that allergic diseases begin with a natural progression. Atopic dermatitis appears first, with other conditions appearing later.

Skin barrier assessment is a new method. It will also take the help of an AI-driven skin monitoring system to detect melanoma and other cancers. This new application of SciBase got approved in the US and the European Union. However, the new system will make sure it uses AI-driven skin monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence is a new and growing area of research in the medical field. The pandemic also showed the world that AI technology can become a useful hand in the medical field. More than 20 hospitals said algorithms could predict the oxygen levels of patients. AI and medicine are also coming together to offer personalized diagnoses.


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