WHO warns the risks regarding AI for healthcare

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WHO warns the risks regarding AI for healthcare

The new ethics guidance of WHO is cautioning against overestimating the benefits of the technology of AI.

WHO has reported about the caution against the overestimation of the benefits regarding AI for healthcare. This warning is coming reorganizing the expense of the core investments and the implementation of the strategies to activate the health coverage.

This new guidance of the Ethics & Governance of Artificial Intelligence for Health is the result of the 2 years of consultation.

It is arguing that ethics and human rights must be the heart of AI’s implementation if it helps to improve. It must improve the delivery of healthcare globally. Though there are many opportunities for AI, the report is pointing out the associated challenges and the risks. 

Also, it includes the unethical collection and the use of the health data and the biases in the encoded pf the algorithms and the risks to the patient’s safety. WHO is also pointing out the areas of environmental issues and cybersecurity.

It is arguing that the unregulated use of AI could subordinate the rights and the interest of the patients. It can affect the communities to the commercial interests of the technology companies or even the interests of the government for social control and surveillance.

This guidance provides the six consensus principles for ensuring the AI works to the public benefit for all the countries. It also includes the recommendations to ensure the governance for all of the AI for health and technology. At the same time, it holds the stakeholders accountable.

It has the potential for improving the speed and the accuracy of the screening and diagnosis for the disses.  Also, it can assist clinical care and can strengthen health research and the development of drugs. It can also empower the patients to take care and control over their health care and can bridge the gaps.


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