Digital Care Platform helped an Orthopaedic doctor get more patients, reduce costs

You must have seen that there are telehealth and telemedicine startups growing like mushrooms out there and it is all well and good but if it does not provide one-to-one consultation with the patients, then it is of no use and will be similar to how we interact with doctors right now which is via a physical visit to their clinic. Now, it is worth noting that the patient care in field of orthopaedics is very different as you can get a surgery done for it but the patient needs to be taken care of afterwards as well and constantly monitored so that the progress is known. Also, if the doctor feels that the progress is slower than expected then he/she can advise to change the routine or take physiotherapy sessions to improve the condition.

Due to this reason, a doctor named Ahmed Siddiqi started giving virtual care to his patients so that they can monitored constantly rather than being restricted to three or four visits to his clinic which is a pain for both the patients as well as a burden for clinics. He explained the situation by saying that “A standard post-surgery care protocol requires patients to fill out piles of forms in person, take home large amounts of bulky, overwhelming educational materials, and participate in numerous sessions of costly outpatient or home-based physical therapy,”

“In late 2022, I started looking for a new digital care solution, because I found the ones being used by colleagues were not sufficiently robust for my needs,” he continued. “One solution was not designed specifically for MSK or orthopedic care, making it less useful for my team’s purposes, and another was not effectively engaging patients and collecting patient-reported outcomes over time.” He added that “In Q4 2022, I implemented a new digital care solution – Force Therapeutics’ digital care platform – to further improve my team’s reach and raise patient satisfaction levels,”. “Specifically, I wanted to be able to do more long-term remote patient monitoring while easily and directly communicating with all my patients.” As a result, he added that due to his platform, “In terms of revenue, having submitted RTM claims for 158 patients between September 2022 and January 2023, I have already seen reimbursement approaching $34,000 for those patients.”


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