CISA awards $2M to improve cybersecurity workforce training

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CISA awards $2M to improve cybersecurity workforce training

The funding will benefit organizations to collaborate with the Homeland Security agency. They will find, train and further retain the infosec professionals all over the nation.

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has announced that it has issued a $2 million award. It will benefit two organizations to develop their cybersecurity workforce training programs.

The CyberWarrior and NPower will use this money to address the shortage in the cybersecurity workforce around the country. CISA focuses on the training and recruiting of individuals from all areas. It will work with the background of the altitude and aptitude to succeed in the exciting field.

It is not only the right thing to do; rather, it is the smartest one for the missions and the country.

The CyberWarrior and NPower will now collaborate with the agency to improve the three-year pilot program. It is aiming to benefit the population which may not have access to cybersecurity training.

This program aims to develop and further implement a comprehensive pathway for cybersecurity. Also, it will deliver the training for entry-level cyber security. It will offer hands-on and experience for professional development through the apprenticeships. It is also aiming to place talented individuals in the job at the entry-level of cyber security.

CyberWarrior will take part in the Cybersecurity Workforce Development and training Pilot for Underserved Communities. The boot camp program will train a lot of people to have a successful career.

The NPower offers training to young adults and veterans. It will offer the opportunity to make advancements in their career.

During the time of enhancing ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, the federal government is ramping up its efforts for defense.

Joe Biden has issued a memo to establish the Industrial Control System Cyber Security Initiative. It will direct the agencies to develop the performance goals in cyber security. Legislators have come up with bills that are aiming at the improvement of cybersecurity. Private sectors are also taking necessary actions.


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