Hackers expose info of 1.3M in Florida Health System case

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Florida-Based Boward’s health gets targeted by the hacker. Access was gained through a third-party medical provider, St. Joseph Health System in Bryan, Texas, which compromised the information of 1.3 million people.

Due to a data incident in October 2021, a Florida Health System records the loss of personal information of 1.3 million patients this weekend. The institution posted a notice on the official website stating that a hacker had breached the patients’ information. It happened through the third-party service provider.

The Maine Attorney General’s office said the incident would affect an estimated 1,357,879 people.

Steve Moore, Chief Security Strategist at Exabeam, states that “No matter how robust your security stack is, your organization can still be vulnerable to intrusions stemming from compromised credentials – especially those that belong to third-party vendors and partners.”

Florida Health System infers that the hackers had access to the records from October 15 to October 19, 2021. The institution hired a data review specialist to measure the total impact of the cyber attack.

There was a delay in notifying the public in order to reduce the potential compromise of the investigation. Attackers removed personal medical information from the Florida Health System.

Though the institution has no knowledge of how personal information is used to commit fraud, they commented that “While Broward Health has no indication that your personal information has been used to commit fraud, we recommend that you consider steps to protect yourself from medical identity theft.”

The institution will take preventive measures to protect itself from these kinds of incidents in the future.

Moore advises institutions, stating that “Proper training, feedback loops, visibility, and effective technical capabilities are the keys to managing the risk of compromised insiders and external adversaries to protect important health information.”

The cyberattack incident that happened in the Florida health system is part of the long string of attacks last year. Many organizations reported incidents where breaches compromised the loss of 40 million patient records.

Therefore, Vice President of Technical Solutions at Laminar, Adir Gruss, said, “Risk Postures will be up-leveled by taking a data-centric approach to organizations’ security.”


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