Security risks facing the healthcare IoT industry – Exploring Cylera’s Impact with Richard Staynings

In this segment of Healthtech icons, Richard Staynings, Chief Security Strategist at Cylera, discusses the importance of cybersecurity in healthcare and how Cylera works to mitigate security risks. He shares insights on relevant stats in the US healthcare industry, the operational steps in implementing Cylera, and the direct impact it has on the daily operations of healthcare units. Staynings also highlights current trends and common issues in healthcare cybersecurity.

About Richard Staynings

Richard Staynings is a globally renowned thought leader, author, public speaker, and advocate for improved cybersecurity across the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry – an industry in which he has focussed for much of his career. He has served on various healthcare security working groups, as a Board Member of AEHIS, and on the HIMSS International Privacy and Cybersecurity Committee among others. Richard has advised numerous international governments and industry leaders on their healthcare security strategy and defensive posture serving as an expert witness and subject matter expert on government Committees of Inquiry into some of the highest-profile healthcare breaches. Richard is currently Chief Security Strategist for Cylera, a pioneer in the space of medical device and IoT security. He additionally teaches postgraduate cybersecurity and health informatics degrees at the University of Denver University College and is a retained advisor to a number of governments and private companies. He is also the author of Cyber Thoughts, a leading healthcare cybersecurity blog. CIO, CISO, CRO, CTO, Partner, and Principal are some of the titles Richard has held or continues to hold. With more than 25 years experience of in both cybersecurity leadership and client consulting, Richard has lived in over 30 countries and delivered innovative solutions to organizations in all of them. Working in both an executive leadership and consulting capacity, Richard has sat on both sides of the advisory table and can appreciate views through both conceptual lenses. Richard has assisted in the success of innovative start-ups, to many of the world’s most successful public companies. Some of his more notable successes include work for: Amgen, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Cisco, CSC, Intermountain Healthcare, PeaceHealth, PwC, Intel, Microsoft, and Zurich Financial, to name a few.

About Cylera

Cylera is pioneering IoT Security and Intelligence to protect what matters most – people, safety, privacy, and business continuity. We deliver richer data, stronger security, and faster reaction times in order to safeguard what matters most: people, data, and privacy. Unlike others who use “first-generation” approaches that fall short, Cylera’s Platform is a next-generation, patented technology, with a unique digital twin method that has zero disruption and can assess true risk within a healthcare and clinical workflow context. Cylera’s insights and recommendations simplify response playbooks when incidents arise, decrease the time to remediate, and enable informed decision-making. Aligned with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO 27001, and others, Cylera addresses IoT risks to patient care and safety. Selected to be the American Hospital Association’s Preferred Cybersecurity Provider. Developed in the USA and headquartered in New York.

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