Abu Dhabi private hospital commits to digital transformation

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A virtual tour discussing the commitment toward digital transformation. It talks of the journey of Capital health.

The Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH) will discuss the commitment to digital transformation in Abu Dhabi’s private hospital. It is also taking up the new technology and doesn’t disregard the adoption of the latest technology.

Healthcare facility support shouldn’t entail advancement. It also discusses the need for evolution in healthcare technology.

The Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Farrukh Hamid, discusses the same by stating, “We are one of the cutting-edge hospitals in our field [and so] digital transformation has been a significant part of our journey. We develop everything with digital technologies in mind…

We have [offerings] that make it easier for patients to access care and also help physicians provide better care and [in turn] provide better outcomes. We’ve been very pleased with the outcome so far.”

The SRH came up in the year 2019. It has changed the statistics of how rehabilitation center works. It served as a purpose-built facility. Also, it is present on the opposite of UAE Capital’s Department of Health. This will feature state-of-the-art equipment discussing the individual need. The state-of-the-art equipment discusses the specialist on clinical expertise. There is also a constant focus on tailing the best digital transformation in the private hospital. The facility aims to help patients recover from heavy injuries and life-changing illnesses.

Capital health which takes headquarters in Abu Dhabhi, now operates the Health Shield Medical Center. It is one of the multi-specialty facilities. The outpatient capabilities are also taking shape as well.

Anne-Marie Schreuder continuously groups efforts that brought great results in terms of digital transformation. We paired up the new technology with high-quality patient care. It also leads to better clinical outcomes. There is patient safety and much more. We also believe in improving communication and documentation all over.

Many tools put to use to facilitate an automatic queuing system. It will also outpatient the department and call for frequent queries. The implementation will discuss the electronic medical records (EMR) system. The majority of our staff are learning and growing with technology.


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