Allscripts to install digitized chemotherapy prescribing system in SA health sites

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Allscripts to install digitized chemotherapy prescribing system in SA health sites

This solution will have the integration of the editing EMR system of the agency.

Health IT from Allscripts has already secured a competitive tender. It will deliver an electronic digitized chemotherapy prescribing system. Also, it will serve at least 20 SA Health hospitals and care facilities. It will offer cancer treatment services to South Australia.

SA Health has already mentioned that this system will have good planning. It will have the design and implementation over two and half years, with the initial deployment that will start in mid-2022. It will also integrate the existing EMR system from Allscripts.

The iQemo solution will introduce this system. US-based company iQ Health Tech will work on it. According to a press statement, it will offer functionalities like redefine regimens, scheduling, prescribing, and dispensing of chemotherapy. Also, it will take place in reporting.

Allscripts ANZ General Manager Todd Haebich said that this ECPS solution would help to enhance the patient’s safety. It will initiate features like automatic dose calculations, comprehensive chemotherapy regimen management. Also, it will include features like decision support, allergy, and sensitivity alerting. Moreover, it will also include the drug- to drug interaction support.

The iQemo system will also fulfill all the SA Health’s needs for cancer patients. Also, it will minimize the risks for dosing errors due to electronic drug administration. Moreover, this integration with Allscripts Sunrise EMR will enable better complete patient records. The Allscripts Sunrise EMR works as a single platform that offers acute and ambulatory information to clinicians.

In 2019 SA Health rejuvenated its EMR System across its facilities. However, it found that this failed. The key recommendation is to install a system – Allscripts Sunrise EMR and Paperless Administration System.

Allscripts EMR is now recently rolling out their emergency department facilities for the public health services. It is now performing under the Gippsland Health Alliance in Victoria. They have a detailed understanding of SA Health’s clinical, technical, and business environment. It will deliver iQemo a better experience to work with them.


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