Automation and digital literacy are top priorities for APAC health CIOs

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Automation and digital literacy are top priorities for APAC health CIOs

Health CIOs from regions came up together at the HIMS21 APAC to hold discussions over important pressing issues.

After the release of the HIMSS APAC CIO report in November, a panel of experts has discussed the problem. They have confronted the health CIOs and further shared solutions to resolve this and to shed light on digital literacy and automation.

The panel included Kuroda Tomohiro, CIO at Kyoto University Hospital Japan. There were also Alistair Vickers, the CIO at Tu Ora Primary Health Organization in New Zealand, and the Chief Clinical Officer of HIMSS UK, Dr. Charles Alessi.

The upcoming report has identified five of the key trends about the health organization in Asia-pacific. It addresses the strengthening of cybersecurity, adoption of the models for care delivery, analytics, automation, and higher digital literacy.

Among all these trends, the health leaders from Japan and New Zealand both said that they are giving priority to digital literacy for the workforce.

Kuroda further focused on the relevance of Japan. The simple instructions on the new systems can help the doctors and the healthcare firms better. Tu Ora moved the staff to the cloud and offered them training with a communication platform. It also has beautiful timing, which helps them by enabling them to work remotely.

He has also pointed out the key trend that interlink with one another. In case you do not train them properly to use the tools, the risks cap increase. To get the technology out of the patients and to help the patients, the concerns get included in data literacy.

Analytics is another area where the Kyoto University Hospital is putting focus. Kuroda said that they are trying to implement IoT devices in the system. They are also thinking about cost optimization for the deployment of such technology.

Tu Ora is working further to collaborate with the stakeholders in the nation. The primary care provider had shifted to a warehouse paradigm of centralized data hosting on Microsoft. The Japanese university hospital placed separate analytics tools for epidemiology and research.

In terms of automation, Vickers has shared that they have automated the process for the claims. It helped in ensuring better payments. They are focusing on those areas for automation and analytics that can add better value in care delivery. The trends will be the same as healthcare is moving into the age of multimodal digitalization.


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