Cloud-based service comes up to the rescue for chronic disease

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Cloud-based services are coming to the rescue for chronic diseases. Alexandra Hospital has taken up this new service. The service monitors chronic diseases.

Alexandra Hospital has taken a new step in a new direction. However, the hospital is going to be a part of a new cloud-based service. The health service is primarily from Singapore. It comes from StarHub, which is a telecommunications provider. They also have famous partners such as Fitbit.

The cloud-based service is for chronic diseases. The diseases that need regular care and systematic approach. It is a mobile application service. The name of this service is LifeHub+. They also connect patients to appropriate clinicians and health coaches. The diseases are high bp, cholesterol, or diabetes.

The cloud-based service gives inputs on the patient’s health and wellness. This pretty normal system helps to improve patients’ health gradually. However, the app and the service work by collecting various forms of data. The data gets collected from different third-party devices as well. The app users can also set up reminders for certain activities.

The cloud-based service from LifeHub+ can bring in a wave of new positive changes. The app also gives a framework for a whole new health plan. There is a focus on lifestyle approaches as well in the app. The doctors can also look into factors that can aggravate these chronic conditions. A modified diet plan can also help.

However, Fitbit and ConnectedLife are trying to provide these cloud-based services and solutions. Their primary market is the Asia-Pacific region. Manipal Hospitals have tied up with them in India. They have done it for post-surgery care. Bio Pharma in Indonesia has also used them as well.

Many important people have recommended this cloud-based service. They have also said that wearables can come in quite handy with these services. They can provide important data. And serve as a fashion statement as well.

The services given by LifeHub+ are also quite common nowadays. Many companies from the healthcare sector are coming in hot. The competition is quite tough. Let us see how LifeHub+ conquers these challenges.


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