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Benedict Tan believes working together would help people to take control of one’s health.

Benedict Tan believes that self-health management at the population level is possible only if the entire health ecosystem of the country puts all the resources together.

He envisions a future where digital technologies would also help patients take control of their health.

He explains that Healthcare 4.0 brought digital and non-digital resources together. As a result, a future of self-health management could become a reality.

“As we have seen from how the healthcare industry adapted quickly and efficiently during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am optimistic that all we need in order to achieve this is to focus our efforts and resources together,” he further explains.

Mr. Tan is the current Group Chief Digital Strategy Officer at SingHealth. It is Singapore’s largest public healthcare cluster.

Mr. Tan has worked on several IT health projects in Singapore. Some of the projects also included the reviewing and streamlining of the civil service benefit claims system. Also, the implementation of an RFID-based bed management system for Singapore General Hospital.

Mr. Tan recalls an interaction with a young doctor. When asked why the young doctor chose Medical IT. The doctor said that he could save lives if he worked in the medical field. But if he could successfully implement technology in the medical field, he could save millions of lives. The reply inspired Mr. Tan to work more in the field.

According to Mr. Tan, SingHealth has always focused on incorporating digital technologies in health care. The organization believes in transforming healthcare with the use of technology. In addition, it aims to improve the patient experience in healthcare facilities.

One of the biggest concerns is the cost of involving advanced technology in healthcare. Mr. Tan says that his organization is mindful of the concern.

Mr. Tan suggests that public healthcare agencies should manage the cost of introducing digital technologies. In addition, the agencies should make sure that healthcare is affordable and accessible to the general public.

Mr. Tan will be a speaker at the HIMSS22 Asia-Pacific conference.


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