Digital transformation requires a careful strategy to be effective

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Prisma Health is adopting a staged strategy for digital transformation. It is with the assistance of Damo Consulting. This began with a clear-eyed assessment of its present digital maturity.

Healthcare is trying to feature digital transformation for a year and more now. HIMSS22 is a consulting leader of advanced health care. The chief digital officer at Prism Health explains the making of digital maturity. It also benchmarked against its peers and set iterative goals.

The rollout of digital health tools is another factor. These attempts of digital transformation also have been for some time.

Padmanabhan remarks saying you have an executive who is in charge of online patient interaction. And that executive takes the initiative to go out and invest in some tool. He put out a couple of programs. And, also offer the solution offer virtual consults. It also features remote monitoring, chatbot capabilities, and so on.

We came across it over time. It was particularly during the epidemic a lot of these expenditures occurred. This was without a very disciplined and focused approach. It believes in developing an enterprise plan

Padmanabhan and Patel go on to explain how they’re working together. They are at HIMSS22 next week. It was during a talk with Dr. Nick Patel. He is a chief digital officer at Greenville, South Carolina-based Prisma Health.

Damo created a four-stage model. It aims to help providers determine where they are. It is either on the continuum of front-end or back-end digital transformation. This assisted in identifying gaps. And also the possibilities for where technological investments are most efficiently focused.

The most fundamental level of the health system continues to rely on EHR. It is the principal platform for digital engagement.

Level two sees digital activities. It focuses on increasing virtual care. The digital transformation – going “beyond the EHR to look at best-in-class technologies. It is for digital front doors. And those types of projects.

The level three providers are facing the same issue. They also have experience with stand-alone digital officers. The executive has a few other responsibilities. For example, the monitoring, virtualization, and the typical focus on patients and care.


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