Enhanced digital health tools deployment for indigenous communities

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Northern Territory project to help identify gaps in existing technologies. Also, to recommend ways to optimize them.

NT Health and Menzies School of Health Research to lead a project. The project aims to develop virtual care models via enhanced usage of digital health tools. Specific to each indigenous community.

Based on media reports, the project is three years long. It is under Digital Health Cooperative Research Center (DHCRC).

The project aims to study how the existing and future technologies can best help remote indigenous communities.

The project also aims to identify the needs and preferences of the communities. Also, that of the healthcare providers regarding virtual health care.

It also wishes to gauge people’s knowledge about digital health tool deployment.

“Recommendations will be based on needs and preferences identified by both consumers and health professionals. With a particular focus on integrating multiple professional groups working in a remote area,” Menzies professor John Wakerman expounded.

Many other organizations are also involved in the project. The project also includes organizations like the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care and the NT Primary Health Network.

According to the DHCRC, the project will help identify existing technology and system gaps. The project would also recommend the best ways to improve the existing digital health tools.

The project also wants to develop new technologies to improve the country’s healthcare system.

According to Dr. Clare Morgan, Research director of DHCRC, the improved digital health care technologies would save the patients time.

It would also lead to better care delivery models. They also believe it would improve the patient outcome.

The leaders of the project believe that the project is important. It would help determine how digital health can improve access and equity for disadvantaged groups.

Also, it will help to prevent a further digital divide in Australia. It will also help in forming better health policies for the country.


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