HHS to fund $35M toward digital health for family planning

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The agent plans to utilize the accounts to award nearly 60 one-time grants to Title X ménage planning providers.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared that it would create $35 million in the American Rescue Plan. The budget is accessible for Title X household planning providers. They can now maintain their digital health capacity and infrastructure. Title X household planning hospitals enable access to a wide expanse of reproductive health assistance. They are helping uninsured or low-income people.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said he witnessed first-hand the crucial part that telehealth plays in attending communities. This is mainly to save so many households from COVID-19.

As healthcare providers, they shifted from giving in-person primary supervision to giving telehealth assistance. They were able to vaccine, test, and work as lifelines to people disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

The Office of Population Affairs budgets 71 Title X household planning service that supports and grants hundreds of sub-recipients. It also supports thousands of assistance areas around the nation. Household planning includes a wide range of assistance associated with reproductive health. It includes pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted infections, and contraception.

Even though they can co-locate abortion care with household planning services, they can’t use Title X budgets to pay for it. Some assistance needs in-person exams and treatment. However, they can carry out others via digital health. Still, facilities probably do not have sufficient technology accessible. Even the administration has shifted to support telehealth infrastructure via allocation. But the issue of virtual care’s future goes on to hang over Congress.

Despite petitions from many advocacy institutions, lawmakers couldn’t take steps to protect telehealth permanently. Ann Mond Johnson is the CEO of the American Telemedicine Association. He said they understand there are several unknowns associated with the trajectory of the pandemic. But, they plead Secretary Becerra to give as much certainty and predictability as possible to assure sufficient warning.


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