PatientBond and Vizient collaborate to provide digital behavior change tools

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PatientBond and Vizient have come together to build patient engagement and digital behavior change programs.

PatientBond is a patient engagement SaaS provider. Vizient deals in healthcare improvement and analysis. The programs will come up at Vizient member healthcare institutions.

This tool will provide personalized psychographic insights. They aim to proliferate patient behavior and improve engagement and end results.

The programs include condition-specific messaging and care gap closures. They’ll also feature screenings and appointment reminders. Medical institutions associated with Vizient will offer these programs. They include academic medical centers, pediatric clinics, and community hospitals.

These digital behavior programs will also aid in a variety of other services. They’ll help in patient and physician matching. One can also find a doctor tailored to specific psychographic insights. They’ll provide marketing campaigns to advance patient activation psychographically.

Clients will also be able to get extensive market research knowledge. The program will send out dynamic payment reminders to patients too.

The programs aim to curb the rate of hospital readmissions. Improvement in digital health risk assessments is another priority.

The widespread adoption of digital behavior tools to assess patient health has its benefits. This is because patient-reported outcomes are a must for an assessment of this kind. In addition, Digital tools make this process efficient and simple.

Healthcare institutions benefit financially too. For example, Jackson Hospital reported noteworthy improvement in its finances using digital patient engagement tools. They moved from letters and calls to an automated system using analytic tools.

Rush Medical Center reduced the number of avoidable readmissions and ED recidivism. In addition, they used digital tools to reduce the burden on its already strained resources.

Cardinal Health addressed medication adherence challenges through a digital patient engagement platform. This step, taken last year, solved the pressing issue rampant in the health industry.

PatientBond CEO Justin Dearborn released a statement on this collaboration. He said, “PatientBond integrates consumer science and dynamic intervention technologies to healthcare. This results in unparalleled clinical and business results. Vizient’s member organizations will benefit greatly from this personalized patient engagement program”.


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