Payers, Providers, and PMBs will embrace data liquidity for the improvement of medication

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Payers, Providers, and PMBs will embrace data liquidity for the improvement of medication

Sharing the real-time patient benefit with the eligibility information with providers at the point of prescribing can improve medication access.

To help patients with access to their prescribed medications during the office closures due to the pandemic, many health plans have relaxed. It had further waived the medication regulations, such as PA and refill-too-soon orders.

Despite the temporary relief, many patients have experienced delays in getting their prescriptions filled—various solutions such as a real-time prescription filling.

Solutions such as real-time prescription benefit, EPA, and intelligent pharmacy workflow can reduce the administrative burden. It can further benefit barriers that are contributing to such delays. Hence it will further improve medication adherence along the entire way.

TPB technology enables the providers, payers, and pharmacies to exchange patient benefit coverage and cost information. Relevant data can even surface within a single healthcare workflow, which offers accurate data from the source. It can help more patients access their medications.

As the providers used an RTPB solution, patients became adherent to pick up the medications. Direct connections with the PMBs and payers through EHRs and pharmacy systems can offer time-sensitive answers. With it, providers can spend less time stretching the benefits information; they can spend more time holding productive and timely conversations with patients.

Data liquidity within the healthcare IT can help in affordability and elevate the discussions before patients reach the pharmacy counter.

This kind of information can remove silos between providers and pharmacies. However, many of the solutions can deploy real-time, accurate data. But the healthcare regulations can make sourcing the necessary information quite challenging. Legislation, on the other hand, is aiming to change this with various active bills.

Health plans can make these data easily available through simple and intuitive interfaces. It will help to earn the trust of the providers and pharmacies.

Whether it is getting driven from Centres for Medicare & Medicaid Services mandates or from the calls of payers, PMBs and providers demanding data can always be effective. Sharing data at the point of prescription is highly necessary for the future of the support for prescription description.


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