Presbyterian, Intermountain, and SSM to launch a nonprofit digital health marketplace

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Presbyterian, Intermountain, and SSM to launch a nonprofit digital health marketplace

With its commitment to a Digital Hippocratic Oath, Graphite Health Platform aims to build up an ecosystem that will enable plug-and-play interoperability for the patients and health system.

Presbyterian, Intermountain Healthcare, and SSM Health have announced the launch of Graphite well. It will be a member-led company that will build upon a common data language. It will further help to create a standardized and interoperable data platform. This nonprofit digital health marketplace will help both the patients and doctors.

The goal of Graphite Health is to enable a very secure and open marketplace. It will facilitate the distribution of digital health tools for entrepreneurs and health systems.

Graphite Health will offer a paradigm shift to offer on the promise of lower cost and fast integration for the solutions. It will improve patient care and provide a better experience. At the same time, it will maintain better privacy standards.

Hospitals that wish to implement a new software faces a long process of contract negotiation, customization, and security evaluation. It means that the health systems must commit to the adoption of a new digital tool before using it meaningfully.

The founding members of Graphite Health say that it will work to overcome all these challenges. It is a common data language. It has built off the FHIR framework. It will address various inefficiencies in data translation and will support the development of the application of plug-and-play digital.

In return, the health system members can implement their trusted digital tools. The health system hopes that these innovations will lead to better convenience, quality care, and lower cost. It had promised to reduce human suffering. It addresses the market failure with the novel utility model that spreads the costs and efforts across a broad set of stakeholders. It will help further everyone to lift together.

This nonprofit member-led Graphite Health has modeled on Civic CRX. It works to ensure generic health medication availability on a broader scale. Also, it ensures affordability.


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