Rural health districts to get digitized

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FIM solution ensures safety for the patients in rural health districts. The solution makes infusion in patients way easier for doctors.

New South Wales has many rural health districts on a local level. They have brought a new fluid and infusion management solution. eHealth NSW developed this digital solution. The solution deals with different types of infusions. These infusions are often listed on NSW Adult/Pediatric Fluid Order charts.

The solution saw its implementation on all the local levels. Many multipurpose and residential sites received the solution. The Mid-North Coast can also get the solution by the end of this year. The solution can help patients and clinicians on a whole new different level.

However, the Fluid and Infusion Management solution’s goal is to increase patient safety. For this, clinicians and nurses should get more support. The solution makes the complicated task of infusion way easier. It also organizes everything and keeps it simple for medical personnel.

There is a state-wide implementation and rollout of digital health products. However, the FIM solution is a strong part of it. The products and related services are for inpatient and acute services only. Recently, eHealth NSW helped an EMR solution known as PowerForm. It also gathers data to identify breast cancer patients with distinct complications.

There was a survey conducted by eHealth NSW and KLAS Research. The main goal of the survey was to increase clinicians’ satisfaction. The study confined itself to EMR only. The organizations also found out that users wanted more EMR-induced training. They also suggested some changes in its policy and more development in this field.

Dr. Vimbai Kapuya works at the Yass Hospital. She is one of the doctor’s managing and treating rural patients. She also shared that workings with the fluid of a patient were more time-consuming. But then the Fluid and Infusion Management solution came. It made the work way easier than before. She mentions that because it is digital, there is less chance of things going out of hand.


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