Sharp Healthcare to join the Dandelion Health Data Consortium

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The health systems are going to come together with this AI startup to ease healthcare.

Sharp Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare systems at present. And it is the biggest rural health system in the US. It has joined with Dandelion Health. It is a New York-based company for building diversity in data science.

The health systems are going to collaborate with Dandelion. The target is to allow the industry to make AI tools. It will aid and automate medical decisions, improving drug development, diagnostics, and others.

The platform will allow life sciences and healthcare to access clinical patient data. It includes waveforms, structured records of health, and images.

Data is the bottleneck to artificial intelligence development. People are unable to access AI-ready research-quality data in a secure way. As a result, manufacturing AI products that can transform clinical trials are not happening.

But the platform will give ethical and secure access to clinical data for the developers. Dandelion Health together brings the health systems into a cycle of product development. A 3rd-party editor wants to safeguard the privacy of patient data.

Advancement in healthcare algorithms is possible. Also, it will become easy to enhance the delivery of healthcare in clinical practice.

Sanford Health provides service to a massive population and covers 2/3 of the rural patients. The goal is to include the patient’s data regardless of their location. In addition, the team will ensure that every patient gets access to the new-gen healthcare.

The collaboration with Dandelion Health will ease innovations. In addition, this will shape healthcare’s future by leveraging expertise in AI and data analytics. This will further be helpful to the healthcare industry, community, and patients.

The sector of healthcare is evolving at an unmatched pace. Technological innovation and trends are the primary reason behind this. Sharp Healthcare, Sanford Health, and Dandelion Health will bring in more innovation. It will also simplify processes and make things easy for facilitating better patient care.


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