SingHealth and Altera continue collaboration for digital health

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SingHealth will continue to deal with Altera Digital health focused on the sunrise suite of healthcare. Its solution focused on network health services.

SingHealth focused on digital health use as its healthcare solution. The network of health services continues to extend to the previous agreement in 2017. The continuation of the latest deal with ongoing support.

The EMR platform focused on former Hospital and prominent physician practice segments. The IT provider Allscripts, Altera, also connects all aspects of care across disciplines. SingHealth used the Sunrise Clinical Manager System focused on 1998.

The sunrise platform will implement the integrated health information system. It is Singapore’s national health technology agency. This will also help integrate a suite of methods in relation to interoperability.

The five national security specialty center concerns a network of eight polyclinics. They will soon be operating via public hospitals under three community hospitals. This will also indeed help to strengthen the management process and enhance healthcare delivery. The focus is on the services of the interface. The health group will build its own IT solution.

SingHealth Group CEO also explained that “As [the] healthcare needs of Singaporeans continue to evolve, SingHealth is committed to leveraging technology and digital solutions as key enablers to improve care delivery and clinical outcomes, optimize resources and enhance the patient experience..”

The focus is also on the care management process. It will also enhance the overall delivery of healthcare. Altera sunrise will act as the primary interface to deliver the service. We will focus on more excellent expandability and flexibility.

The focus is on the scalability of clinical workflow. However, it is for better and more effective patient care. Altera tends to focus on providing a specialized consulting team. The aim is to get technically adequate. This will also help SingHealth add new functionality to its health care program.

Implementing the EMR platform will enhance the way patient records kept now. The clinicians believe in offering more integrating and accepted healthcare technologies. The new EMR Platform will also help identify a pattern of care. The partnership said to yield better results and will help develop regional community hospitals.


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