Thailand hospital undergoes digitalization

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Srisawan hospital is undergoing digitalization. The hospital partnered with two health firms. The partnership aims to propel the digital journey of the hospital.

Srisawan Hospital is a private tertiary healthcare provider in Thailand. The hospital also wants to maximize its potential in quality of care. The hospital wants to develop an optimum hospital experience. So, the hospital is working hard to undergo digitalization. This can be a game-changer for the hospital.

The hospital also partnered with GE Healthcare. They both signed a memo of understanding. The aim is to deploy digital solutions. These solutions will also help in asset and employee management. They have even collaborated with InterSystems.

This collaboration’s goal is to install TrakCare. It is also a unified hospital information system. The system will go live at the new Bangkok branch. It is an important step for the hospital and its patients.

Both partnerships seem to be very vital for the Srisawan Hospital. They also aim to simplify all the processes involved in the hospital. This can increase productivity and patient flow. Digitalization can put a cap on errors. The cost of an ICU can decrease exponentially.

The TrakCare system is the single source of all information. All the clinical support and other procedures can get implemented through this source. It will also increase patient engagement because of a simplified system. However, the hospital has many operational advantages if it gets digitized.

The hospital firm currently resides at Nakhon Sawan. It is a city in lower northern Thailand. They have a big 200-bed facility available. The first branch in Bangkok is also under due process. It is a medium 60-bed hospital that is digital. The hospital will also have services like cardiology and stroke treatment.

Dr. Siwat is the CMO of Srisawan Bangkok Ratchaphruek. Dr. Veerisa is the director. They released a joint statement amid the signing of the memo. Also, they said that digitalization is important in this world. However, they hope this partnership will help propel the digital journey.


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