Thonburi Hospital collabs for smart hospital transformation

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The Thai health system continues its digital transformation through tech integrations and ICT adoptions. It will bring up the ToF fall management system too.

Thai private healthcare provider Thonburi Hospital signed an MOU with Chunghwa Telecom Co for smart hospitals. It is a Taiwan-based telecommunications company. The understanding was about their continued collaboration in the hospital’s digital transformation.

Thonburi is a tertiary care provider with a network of 18 private hospitals in Thailand. According to a press statement, their latest agreement is for continued partnership. This partnership also got based on using Chunghwa’s smart hospital point-of-care solutions.

This got powered by Taiwanese medical AI firm immediacy and medical device company MD Healthcare from Thailand. As a result, Chunghwa can deliver smart ward solutions to Thonburi Hospital. This includes a smart nursing station and an all-in-one vital sign kiosk. It also includes an automated dispensing cabinet and an e-paper bedside information display.

Healthcare players in Southeast Asia are constantly dealing with post-COVID-19 challenges. They require an infrastructure. Hsueh-Lan Wu is the chairman of Chunghwa Telecom, Thailand. Wu also said that infrastructure would enable them to deliver services in a changing environment. The smart hospital applications provided by Chunghwa reduced the workload burden for the staff of Thonburi Hospital. It enhanced the quality of medical services. It also raised its operational performance.

Thonburi Hospital CEO Dr. Siripong Luengvarinkul said that better information collection, organization, and distribution are vital to precision medicine. That can ultimately enable doctors and paramedics to deliver better healthcare inside. It can also help them deliver better beyond hospital grounds.

Huawei is also collaborating with Thailand’s Department of Medical Services. That is to roll out 5G technologies to two public hospitals. These hospitals are the National Cancer Institute and Rajavithi Hospital.

Thonburi’s Dr. Siripong further emphasized, “We value the simplicity, friendliness, and comprehensive connectivity in our information technologies over-complicated and novel systems that distract from the healthcare we bring to our patients.”


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