Unstructured data in oncology to undergo mining

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Realyze Intelligence and MSK Center have partnered. They plan to work with unstructured data in oncology. They are also working on cancer treatment.

2021 saw the launching of Realyze Intelligence because of UPMC. The firm is working with Memorial Sloan Kettering Center. They are partnering for a new analytics collaboration. The main vision is to apply artificial intelligence and natural language processing. They should help us in the treatment of cancer and chronic conditions. The data processing is mainly in oncology.

Realyze has a robust partnership with MSK’s Innovation Hub. They plan to mine unstructured and real-world data. This data is mostly from the field of oncology. This unstructured data is from patient health records that are in electronic form. This helps improve research on cancer and its treatment.

MSK also has financial ownership in Realyze. Not only this, it uses the platform in many other ways. They can extract more datasets to help scientists in their research. It helps them in the development of new models of treatment for cancer.

Realyze also uses natural language processing. It can also help them gain more insights from unstructured data. The data is primarily unstructured text in a patient’s electronic health record. The power of natural language helps to process data quickly and more efficiently. This is important in oncology to make better on-time decisions.

Aaron Brauser is the CEO of Realyze Intelligence. He said that their goal is to make data user-friendly. Health centers and cancer centers should have full access to their data. They should also work out and find solutions to problems using the information itself. Cancer patients should get the best treatment possible.

UPMC Hillman Cancer Centre is also using the help of Realyze Intelligence. Researchers are using it for the early stages of breast cancer patients. MSK is using this opportunity to advance its skills. They are doing more cancer research. They are also doing precision oncology trials.

The partnership between both firms shows that cancer is still a leading problem. The developments are still going on in the field of oncology. We survived the pandemic. We should also have the technology to treat chronic diseases, especially cancer.


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