Virtual reality for pain management has the potential despite hurdles

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Virtual reality for pain management has the potential despite hurdles

A study that US San Francisco had conducted found that frontline pain management clinics are quite curious about VR. But they want to see the crucial adaptation of it for a diverse group.

A study from this week has found that Virtual reality for pain management can be useful and scalable. It can also be an appealing alternative to the approaches of existing pain management.

UC San Francisco researchers have noted that there are remaining challenges when it comes to technology adoption. There are also some challenges when it comes to addressing the need of diverse range populations,

There are some specific considerations when it comes to adopting digital innovation for diverse populations. Also, there are some considerations to make for safety-net healthcare settings that can disproportionately care for them. They are thinking of elucidating the implementation of the climate specifically for VR.

The research was a kind of collaboration between S.O.L.V.E Health Tech and AppliedVR. As per the study, clinicians have also shown some interest in VR therapy as a much safer and effective alternative for opioids.

Researchers have pointed out that many VR studies have taken place in settings that serve homogenous and relatively advantaged populations with height health literacy.

The research team is looking for a deeper insight by interviewing the healthcare providers, leaders, and administrators. They have found that frontline pain management clinicians and leaders have an interest in VR. But it will require a significant adaptation like cultural tailoring and translation, and usability testing.

The participants have cited an integration into the complex workflows, structural costs, and correlation to the reimbursement of VR use.

There is also an unmet need in the US to offer digital therapeutics to the broad population. But it will require collaboration across the industry to kick off hurdles that come in the way of adoption.

Virtual Reality offers a range of opportunities for healthcare and patient engagement. It is effective in the form of using AI to enhance telesurgery. It enables the ability to do live surgery in various locations or proctorship or mentorship.


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