Walmart signals about the continuing of its healthcare expansion in 37 states

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Walmart signals about the continuing of its healthcare expansion in 37 states

Walmart’s medical group has filed to do the business in 17 more states. It is suggesting a potential expansion of the offering of its virtual care.

Walmart Health’s primary care provider has opted for doing more business in the 37 states. It is suggesting that the company is now building up a foundation for continuing with its healthcare expansion.

Walmart Health’s medical group MC Medical LLC has registered for doing more business in 17 more states. Though Walmart did not respond to make further comments, the spokesperson said this expansion relates to the telehealth ambition of the company.

Walmart has already started operating its brick-and-mortar medical clinics in Arkansas, Illinois, and Georgia. It has plans to open up some additional clinics in Florida. In April and May, MC Medical also filed to do more business with 16 more states. 

At the same time, a spokesperson has said that these filings are not having any relations with the physical locations. Rather it is having the relationship with Walmart’s recent acquisition of the MeMD, a telehealth company.

They have expressed their interest in the offering of telehealth using an acquisition that is pending regulatory clearance. These filings are having more relations with such efforts and not with any of the physical Walmart Health locations.

In June and July, the medical group filed to do the business in atleast 17 more states. It is also bringing up to 37 states. These moves are echoing the maneuvers of Amazon Care, whose medical group has also filed to do business in multiple states.

Telehealth advocates have already come up with the repeated warning about the dangers of the telehealth cliff. If congress is not taking the addiction, the hurdles in providing telehealth will continue to stay.

These foreboding signals are making the retail giants show more greens to jump into the space of virtual care. One portable version may be the deep-pocketed companies that could have a much easier time in navigating the regulations, which could stymie the smaller providers.


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